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How have we adapted

to better serve our

clients during the

Covid-19 Pandemic


The Caronavirus Pandemic has caused a lot damage around our beautiful country. From the obvious health issues, the disruption to our economy, the loss of jobs, and the mental anguish of the unknow. SNA Advisory have developed strategies to reduce some of the unknown.


On advice of our federal and state governments, we have moved to our homes so that we can safely service our clients. Luckily we had already gone through major upgrades to our IT set up in 2019, so our staff were set up within a day once the call was made

We have adopted new technologies and have activated our remote working platform to ensure our client's information remains in a secure environment.


We can deliver our communication with our clients in a number of ways, including but not limited to:

  • Phone Consultations

  • Email

  • Skype Meetings

  • Skype / Microsoft Teams Messaging

We are looking at more innovative ways technologies everyday.


For our businesses, we are sending out constant tailored information updates on issues that impact them during these uncertain times. From information concerning governement initiatives, to establishing a tailored Covid-19 Business Continuity Plan to give every business client the chance to survive this economic downturn.  

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